Doily is Complete!

I finished my Doily with Star doily for my sister in law!! 

I loved knitting it!  I even started another one that is a little more ambitious: Frosted Ferns!!

I’m so excited.



Imagine ME knitting a DOILY?!?

It’s true.  I’m trying to knit a doily.  I say TRY because I can’t seem to get started with that tiny amount of stitches on dpn’s.  I read some blogs about how to overcome this problem, so hopefully I’ll manage it soon. 

The reason I’m knitting a doily is because my sister in law wants one (some?) and because I love lace, so why not a doily?  I found some cute patterns and I think I’m going to do either Knitted Table Center or Doily With Star. 

There’s something funny about knitting a doily.  It seems like one of those things that can come back to haunt you later in life. 


Did you type this all yourself?

I was just thinking today about this elaborate Appellate brief I wrote in one of my last semesters in law school.  It was definitely over 50 pages, and it took me ages of research and writing and crafting and recrafting arguments and rewriting.  When I was finished I took it to staples to have it bound into a proper brief (a thin book like thing…).  The woman at the desk who was binding it flipped through it and said, “Wow, did you type this all yourself?” AGHHH

Swallowtail Magic

My newest knitting joy = The Swallowtail shawl.  It’s magical the way you start with a little rectangle and it grows in both directions to be a triangle!  The charts are growing on me and growing easier all the time.  I love lace!!  C hates it.  He says it looks messy – ripped and full of holes.  I’m like – it’s lace – it’s supposed to have holes – it’ll look better when it’s stretched out off the needles….  Oh well. 

Also – I read the best book I have in a long time.  It’s kindof an intelligent romance novel – Kyra by Carol Gilligan.  Read it.  I cried and cried and cried and cried.  I really liked it.  I think it’s because it’s about loss and I’ve been dealing with a lot of loss in the past year. 

I got new sneaks for spring / summer!  They’re white and 2 kinds of blue.  I actually love them – they really perk me up.  I thought I loved my black ones, but I never knew how much they were dragging me down.  I feel kindof fresh and new in my new sneakers!!

I miss my brothers and sister.  I wish we all lived closer and could hangout all the time. 

5 exciting things / 5 knitting problems

5 Exciting Things!!!

1. My mom came to visit me yesterday.  YAY!

2. I fixed the knots / losing stitches / horrible problem on the inseam of the second macho sock!!!  YES!  I can now begin to turn the heel.  Second sock is almost done!!!!

3. I’m starting a new exercise program = Turbo Jam!  It’s true – I’m going to dance my way into rock hard beautiful abs so I can knit myself a little lelah tank top and wear it in public.  [Maybe next summer, hehe]

4. I’m going to buy a baby tomato plant and grow it on my fire escape.  My grandpa used to buy ‘twin’ tomato plants and give me one to grow and keep one for himself so we could see who grew the first tomato, the biggest tomatos, the most tomatos!  I loved it.  If the tomato is not growing well my grandpa always said = you need to talk to it more!!!

5. I love the fingerless gloves my spring swap partner knit for me.  It’s been rainy and coldish here and I wore them outside = I swear they kept my whole body twice as warm as usual and still they were so soft = perfect!  I love them.  They are the Whitewater pattern in Alpaca.  My mom loved them too!!

Thank you Odettelh from Ravelry!!

5 Knitting Problems

1.   All the Mitten’s I’ve been making come out too small.  Irish Hiking, Fetching, Regular Mitten… AHHH.  It’s driving me crazy.  Mathematically they should fit me, but in real life = Nope.  I think it’s because I’ve been knitting with cotton and it doesn’t stretch.  I have my fingers crossed for the Bronte mitts I’m going to start for the May KAL and the Fetching I’m thinking of making for my little bro’s girlfriend.  She’s super skinny anyhow, so they’ll probably fit even if they’re tiny. 

2. 3. 4. 5. = That’s all – Having more then one knitting problem at a time is no fun. 

Knitting on the Computer

Yesterday I started a pair of Fetching Fingerless Gloves.  I know it’s the most popular thing ever and I thought I wasn’t going to get sucked in, but I saw the pattern again and just WANTED to knit it.  I like the design.  Very fresh.  Very simple.  I guess it answers one of those philosophical knitting questions:  Can you be a true fingerless glove knitter without making a pair of Fetching?

Yesterday I also left about half my groups on Rav.  I had so many groups thay ideologically I liked but the reality of the group was boring, uneventful and unsatisfactory.  I love reading, david bowie, scrabble, jeapordy, etc.  I truly do.  But the book club group reads trendy books I’ve either already read or have no interest in reading.  The david bowie group hasn’t said anything in months.  There are some things you only have a certain amount of things to say: I love crosswords.  Me too.  Me too.  Any crossword knitting patterns?  Three.  Nice, but no thanks.  Ok, now what are we going to talk about?   So I’ve said no thank you to these groups.  Maybe I’ll check them out from time to time, but I feel lighter with them gone.  I’m hoping to find a nice lace group to join but there are so many I’ll have to do some research to pick one or two I like! 

Am I proud of myself today?

My husband told me to do something today that I am proud of. 

Which makes me wonder = why am I living through even one day in which I don’t do something to make me proud of myself? 

Too small gloves and the Sunday 10 list

My Irish Hiking Fingerless Mitts are too small.  AGHH. They were for my friend Marin – but her hands are bigger then mine, and these don’t even fit me!!!  I used a thinner yarn, but I added a full cable repeat so mathematically they should have been perfect.  But they aren’t.  Now I have one beautiful mitten and a pair of fingerless gloves that are too small for anyone I know.  I need to make friends with an 8 year old girl.  They were too much work to take apart, so I’ll keep them around I guess. 

Here’s a list of 10 exciting things I did today:

1. Boston Globe and NYTimes crossword puzzles.

2. Watched the Masters.  I love to watch golf on tv.  I have no idea why.  I think the voices of the commentators really soothes me. 

3. Talked to my mom on the phone!

4. Dishes, clean up the house, buy a couple things from cvs…

5. Went for coffee with my husband – fun!

6. Won $3 from my husband playing poker (with 5 cents as the basic amount…) 

7. Volunteered to write an article or two for the fingerless glove newsletter

8. Checked when the bills are due – made sure I’m on top of everything

9. Cooked spagetti dinner.  yum.  I think I’m living on pasta.  I wish I was living on something more exciting like ice cream or fruits.

10. Slept late. 

Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive and I’ll make a plan on how to get where I want to be, and then take the first step or two. 

Knitting with a Sore Throat

I have the sorest throat ever (most sore throat?) but guess what?  I’m in a good mood!  This is very rare, as usually when I don’t feel well physically I get all upset mentally and rage – ‘why did this happen to me???’.  yup, even when I get a cold.  But today I am completely upbeat.  I’m feeling confident, making plans, ready to take on the world.  I think this is partially due to the fact that people have been very kind to me the past few days.  Ravelry people, people I bump into in real life, and of course my family.  I’m just drowning in good advice. 

My knitting is not going so well.  The black yarn for the macho socks I’m knitting for my husband had a giant knot.  Right in the middle of the instep.  So I cut it out and continued.  Then SOMEHOW the end disappeared and the stiches started to unravel rows back and now it’s a category 5 hurricane of a disaster.  I’m not very good at fixing knitting mistakes yet, but I’ve tackled a few bad ones with successful results.  I had to put this one aside and hopefully I’ll be feeling like spiderman soon and fix it up so I can continue! 

I’m dying to start a new project, but I need to either buy new yarn or figure out a pattern I want to do that uses yarn I have.  I want to buy some new yarn and start the tanktop for my sister (and maybe one for me too!) but there are some problems.  First, I can’t even stand to go to the lys closest to my house.  It’s nice, but small, dark and crowded, and I become SO claustophobic that I have to leave right away, and the owners always glare at me, but seriously, I feel like I’m about to pass out every time I go in there and even the glory of the yarn can’t keep me there.  SO, I’m thinking of ordering some yarn online, which I have never done, but I can’t decide on which one…. especially without feeling it.   I might try going to some other knitting stores, maybe I can stay long enough to pick out something, but even the bigger yarn stores have been driving me crazy lately.   Who knows what will happen tomorrow?   

Starting Over

My life is basically a disaster right now.  In every area, in every way.  What I really need is to start over.  I need to figure out what I want to do / what I need to make me healthy and happy / and how to start living again.  I’m like a shadow of my former self, and I hate it. 

The problem is:  I can’t figure out how to start over while married.  I can’t just pack everything up and move to start fresh in a new place.  I can’t ‘visit’ my parents for a month or two to save some money, remember who I am, and then venture forth into the world refreshed.  I’m feeling tied down and without options.  I don’t want to NOT be married.  I love my husband and want to be with him.  But somehow I’ve gotten lost. 

Here’s the plan:

1. Get a job. 

2. Hang out with my friends more often.

3. Join some new groups, go to the knitting groups more often, meet some new people.

4. Make a plan to move in September.  Make sure we can afford it. 

5. Exercise. 

I’m not sure if this will actually help. 

Lately I feel like packing a change of clothes and leaving. 

I feel like a traitor to my feminist / Smith roots. 

I feel like a traitor to myself. 

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